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The Hearing Foundation (Ear of the Lion) is a non-profit, 501c3 foundation, formed in 1982 by the Lions Clubs of California and Nevada. Our purpose is to provide hearing aids for the needy hearing impaired in your community. Unfortunately, we cannot do it alone. 

When a client is approved for our program, they must be sent to an Audiologist or Hearing Aid Dispenser as local to them as possible. The Audiologist or Dispenser decides what type of hearing aid(s) will best for their hearing loss, and takes impressions of the clients’ ear(s). Impressions for ITE/ITC are sent to our repair department, (an all make repair lab in Northern California), along with recommendations i.e. Full Shell, Half Shell, Manufacturers they have software for, where the aids are reconditioned and sent back to the Audiologist or Dispenser. Please note at this time our ITE/ITC inventory is very limited.

For BTE/RIC aids impressions are sent (if necessary) to one of the Earmold Manufactures we have accounts with, and the Audiologist or Dispenser then calls the repair department to order reconditioned hearing aids from our Bank. Once the aids have been reconditioned, they are then sent back to the Audiologist or Dispenser for a final fitting with the client. We are able to pay the Audiologist or Dispenser a fitting fee for their services. Because we are 501c3 non-profit, any additional charges can be taken off your taxes as a donation.

Please contact Terry at 800-327-8077 for more information on how you as a hearing professional can help